A well-functioning infrastructure is essential for you to maximise the business value of your IT solutions. Globeteam can help you optimise and modernise your IT infrastructure so that it supports your business and you achieve a stable operation. It will also provide a solution, allowing you to meet the increasing internal demands involved in integrating different technologies.

Globeteam offers a wide range of services within infrastructure, from strategic consultancy to technical assistance and implementation. We can assist with everything from individual jobs to package solutions. Regarding more complex infrastructure solutions that are relevant to the entire organisation, we recommend that our clients use our thoroughly-tested workshop models and methods. These will cover the company’s real needs and ensure better consolidation and utilisation of technology, both within the business and with the clients.

Our infrastructure solutions are typically based on standard products, and we have great knowledge and experience with the majority of Microsoft’s newest products, technologies and methods. However, most of our solutions consist of specialised designs, for which we have increased the functionality of standard technology so as to make it easier to use and to expand coverage. This way, you get a more cost-effective solution that will provide better results for your organisation.

Examples of some of our core competencies are:

  • Lync, strategic implementation of an efficient and cost-saving communications Tool.
  • Migration, division and assembly of infrastructure – where the focus is most often on your Active Directory and applications.
  • Desktop optimisation and workspace solutions – which usually start with an upgrade of the Windows platform, Citrix, RDS and virtual desktop solutions.
  • Mobile solutions for issues such as monitoring temperature, people and products – Wi-Fi solutions, RFID and RTLS solutions, XenMobile and Intune.
  • Cloud solutions where parts of the existing infrastructure are moved to solutions in the cloud – for example Office 365, Azure and ADFS.

The infrastructure specialists at Globeteam are very skilled technology consultants with many years of experience at large consultancy firms or leading international companies.

Globeteam’s technology consultants understand the clients’ companies and their business needs. They have the ability to develop and implement special infrastructure solutions that support the company’s strategy and vision.

Globeteam’s technology consultants also work with Globeteam’s strategy and management consultants on larger projects. This enables us to provide you, the client, with holistic advice, where technology is not a goal in itself, but is integrated into the business, thereby strengthening and creating value for the company.

Many of our infrastructure solutions and our approach to projects have already proven their value for existing clients, including Brdr. Hartmann, Lundbeck, Kromann Reumert, MT Højgaard, Rockwool, The Foreign Ministry, The Royal Theatre and the Municipality of Esbjerg.

A few of the consultants on the infrastructure team have their own blogs, where they share their great knowledge within the field. Lars Lohmann and Karsten Kongstad Jakobsen run Microsoft Infrastructure and write about their thoughts and experiences on working with Microsoft products.

Peder Lind Sørensen, Globeteam


Peder Lind Sørensen
Phone: +45 3074 7474

quote_icon We are saving money on hardware and operating costs. At the same time, Banedanmark’s IT environment is ready for an upgrade of the client infrastructure Windows 7 later this year, as well as getting rid of even more servers. This has led to a significant reduction in costs of new client infrastructure.” Mogens Pedersen, IT Systems Architect, Banedanmark

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