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Facility Management Intelligence

Globeteam’s data-based solution for Facility Management

Facility Management Intelligence is Globeteam’s data-based solution for office buildings. The solution helps owners and landlords digitise the daily operation of their office facilities, ensuring a more sustainable resource consumption, establishing health policies and supporting the growing need for employee flexibility and teamwork.

Hybrid workplaces and flexible working have been two of the key elements involved in keeping society running during COVID-19. And these developments must not be lost when we return to a more normal everyday life.

This is why Globeteam has developed a Facility Management Intelligence solution, combining a 360-degree perspective on sustainable building operation with technological support for the modern employee.

Overview of the solution and business value

The Facility Management Intelligence solution can do many things, such as:
• Provide an overview of which and how many employees can be expected in the building on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
• Use calendar information and location data from the employees’ mobile phones for intelligent management of energy consumption, indoor climate, cleaning services, and shopping, for example
• Provide an overview of available, booked, and used meeting facilities, so that you can see whether or not a reserved room was actually used, and if so by how many people
• Integrate to, and display data from, other systems – for example a parking system or canteen system
• Create a starting point for a governance structure that maintains health and safety, as well as other work conditions in the building

Flexible and mobile solution design

Globeteam’s Facility Management Intelligence solution uses existing and new installations and sensors as the base for a more intelligent and digital kind of building management. On top of this foundation, Globeteam’s consultants build a digital infrastructure, comprising of both internal systems and integrated external systems, which support increased well-being among employees, create better working conditions and promote health. This infrastructure will also support the climate objectives and green transition set out in the Danish climate law.

If it makes sense to do so, Globeteam can also develop a solution that gives employees the opportunity to view and manage different building facilities themselves. This might be in the shape of a canteen or meeting-room booking function, or regulation of the indoor climate. The solution could then be integrated with the company’s intranet, or the Microsoft Teams app, for example.

In this way, the overall solution will ensure the data project is a natural part of the technological journey that the individual company has embarked upon. We will not build upon principles that create a costly parallel universe.


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