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The Agency for Modernisation increases its service and safety level with a Cloud-based, single-sign-on solution


The Agency for Modernisation is responsible for a large number of services and applications, which altogether involve just under one million logins every month. The majority are users from the State and other private institutions, but there are also a few municipalities and regions involved. The Agency wanted a safer management of user accesses and rights, which at the same time provided a user-friendly login experience.


A Cloud-based, single-sign-on solution, developed and delivered by Globeteam and based on the product Safewhere Identify. The solution is managed in Azure.

Briefly explained, the solution makes sure that the right employees gain access to the right systems with just one single login.

A Cloud solution was chosen, because it provides a more stable operation with fewer costs and access to an advanced logging function.


  • Improved user experience through SSO from institutions and elimination of system specific passwords
  • Increased safety in terms of user authentication and the possibility to connect a two-factor authentication by using NemID, an SMS code and email.

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