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Odense Municipality Using NemID to Log In


In Odense it is not only the citizens who may serve themselves via the web. The municipality has just put a new joint security solution in operation, covering employees and citizens alike. It provides access to NemID and means that 18,000 people now have access to targeted news, relevant links and quick links to dedicated systems in the municipality’s employee portal. The new single, web-based login solution is based on SafeWhere* Identity, which is both connected to NemID (via NemLog-in) and Odense’s internal Active Directory.

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quote_icon  The cooperation between Odense Municipality and Globeteam has been outstanding. In just 6 weeks we had an innovative and future-proof IT solution that makes it possible for employees of the municipality to log on to our employee portal using NemID”.
Allan Schiellerup Bager, Digitalization Manager in Odense Municipality


In connection with the re-launch of the muni-cipality’s employee portal, the 13,000 em-ployees who are not daily working at a com-puter needed access to the portal using Ne-mID as well as the access to connect to other systems to read and access data, without specifying their NemID credentials again. .


In collaboration with Globeteam, Odense Munici-pality developed its own identification and secu-rity system FIOL (Federated Identity and Organi-zation Solution), which is connected to NemLog-in and which together with the users’ NemID today makes it possible for the last 13,000 employees to log on. The solution is based on the federation product SafeWhere*Identify, which apart from enabling connection to NemID (via NemLog-in) also connects to Odense’s inter-nal Active Directory.


18.000 employees of Odense Municipality can with NemID get access to targeted news, relevant links and quick links to dedicated systems. The FIOL solution delivers signifi-cant efficiency gains for the local workflows, facilitates the work of the staff of the munici-pality of Odense, as well as simplifies user administration and support.

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