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Microsoft Cloud Voice connects NAC across continents

“The day we went live, we were, of course, a little nervous in the department. Would the new numbers be included in Skype? Would everything work as we had planned? But everything went even better than any of our expectations. The entire project went smoothly, and the time schedule was kept. It has been a very good project.”

Mads Krog-Jensen, Group Vice President IT at NAC.


Two traditional PBX telephone switchboards forced NAC to allocate operational resources in a company that in every way is pursuing a Cloud first strategy.


Microsoft Cloud Voice implementation for approx. 200 employees in five countries. The solution gathers the company’s global phone need in one platform and provides new opportunities for flexible collaboration and a better customer service.


NAC can focus the IT department’s skills on developing the core business, rather than handling operational tasks. The employees can work in a more mobile and flexible way. And the Group’s total costs for telephony make up one tenth of the costs for running the two previous PBX switchboards.

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