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Chatbot platform in the Municipality of Syddjurs

The main gains for the IT department are that both support staff and administrators have more time to solve more complex tasks, rather than having to answer routine questions. The correct creation of the case also makes it possible for support staff to immediately work on solving the task.”

Digitalisation Consultant and Chatbot Project Manager, Dorte Ougaard, The Municipality of Syddjurs.


The Municipality of Syddjurs found that the large number of enquiries received from IT users put pressure on their service desk and affected the IT department’s ability to deal with more complicated service and support tasks.


The Municipality, in collaboration with Globeteam, opted to implement a chatbot platform, which automates a number of the more routine enquiries from users. It runs on Microsoft’s bot-framework and is carried out in Microsoft Azure which is integrated with the Municipality’s organisational database and service desk system.

The Municipality of Syddjurs chatbot can be used for internal support tasks, where employees can get support at all times and carry out routine support tasks. The chatbot can assist the IT user by searching knowledge articles, creating cases in the support system, showing operational status for IT systems, ordering hardware and providing access to IT systems, among other things.


  • The chatbot supports efficient work methods by giving the employees access to the Municipality’s IT support 24/7, getting help to solve their issues and move on with their tasks.
  • The user gets support in classifying possible cases correctly and ensuring that all relevant information is added.

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