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Kromann Reumert enters the Cloud with care and a solid safety foundation

“The analysis was given with specific recommendations for initiatives, concerning operational stability and aspects of safety, which were important to ensure an unhindered and safe access to systems as well as a good user experience for our employees and collaborative partners.” 

“Globeteam presented the result and the recommendations in the report and with their expert support, they made it possible for us to move around 800 mailboxes to Office 365.”

Jacob Brønnum-Schou, IT Manager at Kromann Reumert.


Kromann Reumert had purchased Office 365 licenses and they had also established a connection to Office 365 which they did not actively use. They made a conscious decision to wait until the time was right, and that time has now come for many reasons, including:

  • Necessary change of safety products from a third party
  • Lack of skills to carry out their Exchange 2013 implementation
  • The solution took resources away from their core business
  • New and more stringent requirements due to GDPR

In addition, there were new perceived threats, which might have serious consequences for a company, such as down time, data loss, damage to the company’s reputation and loss of client trust. All of this combined was reason enough to bring IT safety under control.


Globeteam carried out a safety audit and advised Kromann Reumert on the implementation of Office 365 and safety aspects, including how to improve safeguarding of data and infrastructure.

The safety analysis included, among other things:

  • Auditing and litigation team, with an assessment of how the company secures its data and a complete overview of what happens to that data
  • Licensing, covering whether or not there are unnecessary licenses and/or unused accounts that might pose a safety risk and increase costs
  • Tenant safety, assessing general safety and how it can be increased across the entire environment
  • Administrative rights, providing the company with an assurance that no rights are given to the wrong users and that user accounts are correctly protected
  • Mobile devices, which is a revision of how the company’s mobile devices are secured
  • Secure score, which consists of a review of the standard report in connection with Office 365 safety


  • Savings on licenses and operational costs
  • Employees have the newest software available to them. They are kept informed of technological developments
  • More flexibility in terms of adapting services according to needs
  • Focusing more on business development rather than operation
  • Easier to support mobile employees
  • Improved digital safety and preparedness
  • A good starting point for complying with the new and more stringent requirements set out in the GDPR



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