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Esbjerg Municipality – Effective operation and digitization of schools



The IT platform Esbjerg Municipality has build for the schools, unifies the operation of the municipality’s work stations and  Pupils can now bring their own PC’s, iPads etc. and still have access to educational materials in a cloud-based system from both inside and outside of the school. “

Jacob Elholm, School IT Consultant at Esbjerg Municipality

The Cloud revolutionises the development of new IT solutions at Denmark’s Environment Portal

“The Cloud has meant a paradigm shift in how Denmark’s Environment Portal develops IT […]

Esbjerg Municipality – Involving the business and users

“By involving the business and our users, we achieved a solid foundation and a context to […]

Ferring Pharmaceuticals – Stable global IT infrastructure

Overall, the users highly praise our new infrastructure. It is so stable and well backed-up, that a physical server can crash without anyone […]

Kromann Reumert enters the Cloud with care and a solid safety foundation

“The analysis was given with specific recommendations for initiatives, concerning operational stability and aspects […]

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