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DSV – Image and device management solution

quote_icon Throughout the years, DSV has faced tremendous challenges in mobility while the company transitioned from a frag-mented to a consolidated IT landscape. Utilizing their excellent skills and expertise, Globeteam’s consultants have been of great value to us during this transition. The soft-ware image they have designed can be managed centrally, but is flexible enough to allow for country- or site-specific customizations. Still, it is so robust and easy to use that our on-site staff members – who are not always skilled in IT – can deploy it without requiring any assistance from the IT department. Combined with the mobile device management system, it was a perfect match to our business require-ments, and freed up a lot of resources at IT departments both in the countries and at DSV’s HQ – without compro-mising the quality of the service.”
Lodi van Elswijk, DSV A/S, Senior Specialist, Group IT – Enterprise User Services

Ferring Pharmaceuticals – Stable global IT infrastructure

Overall, the users highly praise our new infrastructure. It is so stable and well backed-up, that a physical server can crash without anyone […]

Kromann Reumert enters the Cloud with care and a solid safety foundation

“The analysis was given with specific recommendations for initiatives, concerning operational stability and aspects […]

The Danish Environmental Portal takes a big step into the future with its new data model in Azure

Globeteam has helped The Danish Environmental Portal to build a modern data model in […]

Lundbeck – Client optimization

”With the help of Globeteam’s consultants the implementation of Windows 7 was quick and painless. We have found that we now have a […]

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