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The Cloud revolutionises the development of new IT solutions at Denmark’s Environment Portal

“The Cloud has meant a paradigm shift in how Denmark’s Environment Portal develops IT systems. By identifying and utilising relevant Azure services and components as much as possible, we have achieved savings of around 20% in terms of development. For the business, this means that we can deliver new systems with far fewer costs and a faster time-to-market.” 

Nils Høgsted, Executive Secretary at Denmark’s Environment Portal.


The Environment Portal has experienced an increase in demand for their data in recent years, however they only have a small staff of 12 employees. This combined with a decreasing core budget, has given rise to a constant focus on optimising and improving operation, support, and development, so as to ensure their data gives the largest possible value for users.


By 2010, the Environment Portal had already moved from traditional hosting to Microsoft Azure, primarily in order to bring down operational costs. Since then, the focus has shifted first to development, and now to following a Cloud first strategy. This would mean all systems would be hosted in Microsoft Azure, as well as all solutions being developed in Azure.

Globeteam has been on the Environment Portal’s entire journey through the Cloud, contributing with their advice and development expertise.


By following a Cloud first strategy, the Environment Portal has achieved:

  • Savings of approximately 50% in terms of operational costs and the flexibility to adjust according to needs
  • Savings of approx. 20% in terms of development and a faster time-to-market in the development of new solutions
  • Less complexity
  • A larger dependence on Microsoft, but less dependence on other IT suppliers, as systems are no longer coded from scratch, and now have a much more uniform architecture.

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