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See which values Globeteam stand for and how they benefit our clients

At Globeteam we define ourselves based on a series of values, and it is important to us that we always practise these values in our work, thereby benefiting both our clients and partners.

The values below therefore reflect our actions, behaviour and development.

Our focus is on our clients, and we nurture and respect our relations. We take the advice that we offer our clients seriously. This is the only way to build a long-term and trusting relationship between our clients and us.

Our focus is always on developing our skills, so that we can always present the best solutions to the client and provide the most competent, professional advice. We deliver quality and assume responsibility of the task, the processes and the result.

We are open about our services and skills. We always put ourselves in the clients’ shoes and offer solutions that contribute to the companies reaching their goals. The task has not been accomplished until it has been completed.

We make room for the individual as well as the community and can handle the complex and the unexpected. We accept human and professional differences, as long as it benefits Globeteam and the clients. This is how we manage to attract and keep the very best – even those who sometimes need a little more space than there normally is in a traditional organisation.

Our consultants are committed to a B2B relationship in which they, on behalf of their company, are required to follow through on consultancy agreements that they have entered into. At the same time, our consultants have the freedom to do what each of them does best and what excites them. This is why Globeteam rarely changes the consultant working on any assignment.

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