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Globeteam is an organisation where sales are available for clients and consultants, but where business relations, in some cases, also take place directly between the client and Globeteam’s consultant. However, it is becoming increasingly complex to buy in companies, and our account managers can help you challenge, simplify and manage this complexity, whilst also creating more value through investments in strategic IT solutions.

To us, sales are a part of client advice during the process of buying, and, through the years, we have seen this process become more difficult for our clients. As the complexity in companies increases, it increases the demand for technical complexity, functionality and quality in the projects, just as legal requirements and contract fulfilment also make completely different demands in the buying process today.

We are happy to have an informal discussion about the possibilities of success in your company through investments in IT that support development and create the desired ROI.

You are welcome to contact us, so that we can help you get started and advise you on solutions and more complex investments that are relevant across your organisation and involve both business and IT.


Peter Langvad is Senior Executive within the sales team. Peter works primarily with selling Globeteam’s business consulting services, as well as development and sales of Globeteam’s concepts. Peter focuses on a broad spectrum of services, ranging from small assignments to project deliveries within optimisation and business analysis, transformation and migration projects, as well as the outsourcing of application and infrastructure maintenance. Peter was previously employed as head of IBM’s department for business consulting services, where he had sector responsibility for the sale of consultancy services to clients in the tele-media business. Contact Peter
Peder Lind Sørensen works as Key Account Manager. Peder is primarily responsible for the sale of infrastructure solutions of varying complexity, he also has responsibility for services in Jutland. Peder understands the technical, as well as the organisational and process-oriented, approaches to projects. In this way he ensures organisational implementation that is of value for all parties in the company. On a daily basis, Peder also manages our contact with Microsoft. Peder was previously employed as Sales Manager with MindZet, where he focused his attention on building a professional sales organisation and creating growth within the company. Contact Peder
Henrik Gissel Szokody  is Senior Executive in the Sales Team. Henrik works with counseling and sale of Globeteam’s services and the development of new concepts. Henrik’s focus is within a broad spectrum of services from smaller tasks to deliverables within optimization and business analysis, transformation and migration projects and outsourcing of application and infrastructure maintenance. Henrik has previously worked in companies such as Atea, DanNet / Mach and Unisys and most recently as sales director in Concare IT. Contact Henrik
Jes Mou Jessen is Senior Executive in the Sales Team. Jes works with the sale of Globeteam’s comprehensive services, focusing on improving our customers’ business with technology as an essential means. Jes’s signature is to focus on the relevance of the deliveries executed in a smooth and efficient manner through the use of an agile approach. Jes is your sparring partner who can find pragmatic solutions, whether it’s digital transformation, projects with challenges, digital ambitions, automation of processes, the way to Cloud, performance-focused IT project management or optimization of the business supported by IT. Contact Jes

Globeteam offers services within and across three main areas

Business model


Globeteam helps you optimise the value of your IT solutions by ensuring that they support your company’s strategy and vision


Globeteam ensures you have a well-functioning IT infrastructure, enabling you to achieve a more stable operation and increased employee efficiency


Globeteam offers assistance in developing and adjusting IT solutions to meet the specific needs of your company

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Optimize your business and your IT-investments

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