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Management and Board

A flexible and flat management structure

Globeteam has an open and flexible management structure to enable quick decision making. CEO Claus Moldow, Financial Director Steen Eckardt, and the individual team managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

Claus Moldow is a board member and also the CEO of Globeteam. Claus has worked within the IT industry for more than 25 years, primarily within Sales and Management. Claus was previously employed at ØK for 16 years. As Sales Director and Co-owner, Claus helped transform ØK Data into a market-orientated organisation and was responsible for the sale of ØK Data/Netlog to Aston in 1999. Claus co-founded Globeteam in 2001.
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Steen Eckardt is Financial Director of Globeteam A/S. Steen is also the Executive Secretary of GT Share A/S, one of the main shareholders of Globeteam A/S
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Morten Strunge Nielsen is Project Director of Globeteam and responsible for ensuring Globeteam’s production is always highly professional, which in turn ensures that the clients are always satisfied.
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The Board

Kirk Kapital has a minority share of 34 percent.

Mogens Elsberg is Chairman of the Board, whilst Globeteam co-founder, Claus Moldow, is CEO of the company.


Mogens Elsberg took up his post as Chairman of the board at Globeteam in 2014, after having been a member of the board since 2003. Mogens is the former CEO of GN Netcom, and before that he was General Manager at Microsoft. Mogens previously worked at IBM, where he had several managerial positions, such as director of IBM Consulting. In 2000, Mogens became the CEO of Aston and managed the sale of Aston to Tectura in 2004, after a successful “turn around”.
Claus Moldow is a board member and the CEO of Globeteam. Claus has worked in the IT business for 20 years, specifically within sales and management. Claus participated in turning ØK Data into a market-oriented organisation, and was in charge of the sale of ØK Data/Netlog to Aston in 1999. Claus co-founded Globeteam in 2001.
 Andreas Faerk is Chief Investment Officer, responsible for strategic investments at Kirk Kapital. Andreas became a member of Globeteam’s board in 2017 in connection with Kirk Kapital’s investment. Andreas is also a board member of Kompan and Beck-Pack. Andreas has previously worked for Nordea Corporate Finance and FIH Partners.

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