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2015 was also a successful financial year for Globeteam

Globeteam offers consultancy services within the Management and IT industries. The company had a good financial year in 2015 with a total turnover of DKK 127 million and a pre-tax result of DKK 11 million.

The CEO of Globeteam, Claus Moldow, is very pleased with the result and also anticipates continued growth.

I am very happy with our annual result, which has allowed us to cement our position within the market. With 18% total growth, we outperformed a market that, according to IDC, expected growth of 1.5% in Services and 6% in Software Sales and Development. Globeteam has also managed to increase its profit in this time.

This overall result is in line with our growth objectives for 2015 as well as the high expectations we have for the company,” he says.

According to Claus Moldow, the fact that Globeteam has once again experienced robust growth and a healthy profit is due to the company’s unique business model. He also cites the fact that Globeteam is following its strategic development plans and constantly optimising its services, thereby bringing continuous improvements and more positive customer experiences.

This business model has led to a healthy growth in client numbers, especially in terms of the medium-sized and large companies that have chosen to work with Globeteam. The company has also managed to attract even more highly-qualified consultants to their team, so they can continue to offer quality and added-value to clients.

The chairman of the board at Globeteam and CEO of Bluegarden, Mogens Elsberg, had this to say about the results:

Globeteam’s financial statement confirms that we have adopted the right approach in the current market. Globeteam has achieved its objectives with some very good results, and I am convinced our growth strategy will further support our development and help us to create value, strengthening Globeteam’s market position in Denmark.

Globeteam’s recently published annual report states, among other things:

Globeteam is outperforming the market and has a turnover in the high millions, this is due to strategic work with the ongoing optimisation of business areas and investments in conceptual development, among other things.

Special emphasis is placed on:

  • Globeteam’s business model, based on commitment and top-level expertise, along with a focus on flexibility. Globeteam’s consultants are part of a business-to-business agreement and this ensures that clients always work with competent named consultants throughout the project.
  • Consultants working closely with individual teams across Globeteam’s business areas. This provides the consultants with an understanding of how the companies’ business and IT services interact; they view IT as a tool for innovation and efficiency. This synergy between the consultants’ skills allows Globeteam to improve the client experience and exceed client expectations.
  • Cooperation between consultants also boosts Globeteam’s services and means there is constant conceptual development across business areas; this, in turn, leads to consistent improvements and ensures a great client experience. In addition, Globeteam has put together a taskforce to assess the ongoing needs of the market. The taskforce pitches ideas to the Globeteam board, who then take a final decision on which future concepts or products Globeteam will invest in.
  • Globeteam’s focus on medium-sized and large companies; in 2015 our client portfolio grew significantly in this respect. Optimisation of our professional sales support function and goal-orientated account management opened up more possibilities with new and existing clients. These factors also led several of our existing clients to enter into wider agreements with us, allowing us to enter new areas of business, where we now compete on a level playing field with key industry players.
  • In recent years there has been an increase in the use of SKI and framework agreements among public organisations. Globeteam is strongly represented in significant SKI and framework agreements, which simplifies our clients’ purchases meaning we don’t have to enter into time-consuming tenders.

For further information, please contact

Claus Moldow, CEO
Mobile: +45 2631 0001
E-mail: cm@globeteam.com

Turnover 2001-2014
2001: 8 mio. kr.
2002: 18 mio. kr.
2003: 20 mio. kr.
2004: 29 mio. kr.
2005: 35 mio. kr.
2006: 51 mio. kr.
2007: 62 mio. kr.
2008: 66 mio. kr.
2009: 72 mio. kr.
2010: 78 mio. kr.
2011: 77 mio. kr.
2012: 84 mio. kr.
2013: 85 mio. kr.
2014: 108 mio. kr.
2015: 127 mio. kr.

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