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For the sixth year in a row, Globeteam is experiencing significant growth. Globeteam’s CEO, Claus Moldow, is excited to see another solid financial year, where both turnover and profit increased by 23 percent.

Globeteam’s turnover increased from 195 million DKK in 2017 to 240 million DKK in 2018. The pre-tax result was 21.8 million DKK in 2018, which is an increase of 23 percent compared with 2017.

Globeteam’s CEO, Claus Moldow, welcomed another solid financial performance, where both turnover and profit increased significantly:

The stable growth of Globeteam is an indication that our cross-sectoral business model is working, and that our clients saw value in the complete advice we offer on every aspect of their IT projects,” This overall result is in line with our growth objectives for 2015 as well as the high expectations we have for the company,” he says.

At Globeteam, we expect continued progress and financial growth for the coming years:

“In 2018, we had 55 new public and private clients. During that same time, we attracted a further 29 highly-educated business consultants and IT specialists to Globeteam. This indicates that the digitalisation field is growing, but also that Globeteam’s business model is sustainable and offers the flexibility and efficiency demanded by businesses and the labour market,” states Claus Moldow.

Competitiveness at the highest level

The family-owned investment company, Kirk Kapital, owns 46 percent of Globeteam. CEO of Kirk Kapital, Kim Gulstad, is impressed by the growth achieved by Globeteam over the past year.

We had great expectations for our investment in Globeteam. Based on the latest financial statements, we are happy to announce that our expectations have been met. We look forward to being part of their journey in the future,” says Kim Gulstad, and he emphasises the importance of Globeteam’s unique business model.

With their unique business model, Globeteam manages to attract the leaders of the industry with challenging and varied work and a high degree of autonomy and flexibility in terms of planning one’s workday. This makes Globeteam’s structure a good model of sustainable working for the future, and we believe that it also plays an important part in ensuring Globeteam’s competitiveness at the highest level,” says Kim Gulstad.

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Claus Moldow, CEO
Mobile: +45 2631 0001
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Turnover 2001-2018
2001: 8 million DKK
2002: 18 million DKK
2003: 20 million DKK
2004: 29 million DKK
2005: 35 million DKK
2006: 51 million DKK
2007: 62 million DKK
2008: 66 million DKK
2009: 72 millon DKK
2010: 78 million DKK
2011: 77 million DKK
2012: 84 million DKK
2013: 85 million DKK
2014: 108 million DKK
2015: 127 million DKK
2016: 143 million DKK
2017: 195 million DKK
2018: 240 million DKK

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