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Client satisfaction results 2015 – High levels of client loyalty and satisfaction

“I experience greater commitment and ownership of individual assignments at Globeteam – which makes my life easier as a client.”

This quote is from Globeteam’s client satisfaction survey and it illustrates the value that we, according to the client themselves, bring to their company.

Globeteam has just received the results of our annual, impartial survey of client satisfaction, carried out by Microsoft. We are once again in a good position this year, with a good benchmark result and 97 % of our clients saying they would recommend Globeteam.

The survey showed that 97 % of our clients are so positive about our performance that they would recommend Globeteam to colleagues and business associates, and as such act as ambassadors for our company. This is an increase of 6 % on last year’s result.

The rising number of Globeteam clients that would recommend our services, is followed by an equally positive shift in client loyalty. A total of 86 % of our clients, compared to 78 % in 2014, said that they are very likely to use Globeteam again. Whilst 14 % said that they might buy our services again.

Looking at overall client satisfaction with Globeteam’s services, we have 77 % very satisfied clients and 23 % somewhat satisfied clients. There were no Globeteam clients that were somewhat dissatisfied or very dissatisfied in the survey. However there is still room for improvement if we compare this to the 2014 survey, as there was a 9 % decrease in the number of clients who were very satisfied and a fall in participation from 86 % to 77 % in 2015.

“Globeteam’s client survey provides us with priceless information that allows us to implement improvements where it is most valuable for our client projects. We are proud of Globeteam’s position and we will continue to adjust our services and organization based on the feedback that clients provide, in order to increase the number of very satisfied clients and give them the best possible client experience,” says Claus Moldow, CEO.

Good benchmark analysis

The main question posed in the client survey allows us to carry out an external comparison, pitching Globeteam’s client results against other Microsoft partners in Denmark and throughout the world, and Globeteam fares well in this comparison.

The below numbers indicate the average number of clients that gave us a score of 8 or 9 on a scale from 1 to 9, where 9 is excellent and 1 is unacceptable. The benchmark result is from June 2015.

Quality of the delivered services

75 % Globeteam A/S
72 % All Partners
60 % DK

Technical skills

84 % Globeteam A/S
80 % All Partners
75 % DK

Meet client expectations

78 % Globeteam A/S
73 % All Partners
66 % DK

Responsible for clients’ IT

Globeteam achieved good results within the aforementioned parameters. Our client feedback tell us that one important reason for these high ratings is Globeteam’s understanding of our client’s needs and our awareness of the value that IT investment can bring to their company. Another important factor was the high professionalism and technical knowledge of our consultants.

Several open questions were posed in the survey, including: “How do you feel Globeteam A/S set themselves apart from competitors, and what advantages and disadvantages does this give you and your company?” Some of the answers given by our clients are below:

 “We work with good, knowledgeable consultants who have experience with similar companies, and this practical experience is very important to us when they are working on our assignments.”

 “A pragmatic approach to the challenges that arise, along with good quality and an ability to adapt are decisive factors for us.”

“You have highly-specialised consultants. This gives us the advantage that we can allow ourselves to be first movers with certain technological solutions.”

The annual results can also be compared internally and with clients’ previous responses. In this way, the effect of ongoing improvement initiatives can be monitored. If we compare the most recent results with last year’s client survey, Globeteam maintains its score regarding client assessment of Globeteam’s ability to meet their needs and deliver services on time.

We see an increase in the respondents’ assessment of our ability to react quickly to clients’ issues, which is an important focus area at Globeteam. We also experience a rise in client assessment of quality of communication with their company. Globeteam’s communication with the client is an important and highly-prioritised effort area. This is why over the last couple of years we have strengthened our account management and worked on professionalising our online communication, as well as improving the content that is available to our clients.

However, the results also show a decrease in the client assessment of the quality of the sales process. We are performing below our internal goal in this area and we are trying to improve this by strengthening the sales team at Globeteam even further, among other things.

“At Globeteam we have started to work with a very dedicated account manager, aiming to improve our focus on client needs and client satisfaction, as well as improving our options of developing client cooperation and working across our business areas,” says Claus Moldow.

Globeteam offers services within and across three main areas

Business model


Globeteam helps you optimise the value of your IT solutions by ensuring that they support your company’s strategy and vision


Globeteam ensures you have a well-functioning IT infrastructure, enabling you to achieve a more stable operation and increased employee efficiency


Globeteam offers assistance in developing and adjusting IT solutions to meet the specific needs of your company

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