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Our unique business model provides you with professional development and exciting assignments

At Globeteam you will become part of a renowned consultancy firm that is growing, and you will help solve exciting and critical business tasks for public as well as private companies. All consultants are included in specialised professional teams with high skill levels, where there is great individual freedom, but also plenty of opportunity for professional and social sparring in the team and across the business.

Combine the advantages of being self-employed with the advantages of working in a strong team

Globeteam’s unique business model is a key part of our ability to continuously attract, and keep, interesting clients and committed consultants with strong business and IT skills.

Globeteam’s business model is an attractive alternative for you if you are, or want to be, a self-employed consultant. It liberates you from the challenges and time-consuming administrative processes that come with being an independent consultant, but also ensures you have the most important advantages, like better revenue and more control over your daily working life.

The unique business model benefits me in terms of the facilities that Globeteam provides and the community of good colleagues and sparring partners, it also means I am able to take advantage of the Globeteam brand. All of this made my decision to become self-employed significantly easier, and it is definitely a decision that I do not regret.” Jesper Krogh, Infrastructure

As a consultant with Globeteam, you work with a strong professional team with its own team leader. You have plenty of opportunities to spar and challenge each other professionally, for example at the regular team meetings. Another benefit of the team structure is that for you, as a community, it becomes easier to land the most exciting client assignments. At the same time, Globeteam’s business model and interdisciplinary concepts provide you with a unique opportunity to work closely with other capable consultants on interesting and challenging assignments across teams and professional skills.

Globeteam’s business model is based on the following:

  • As little hierarchy as possible. Globeteam has a flat organisational structure in many teams, with very little management and a lean administration. This ensures that as much money as possible goes to the consultant.
  • Freedom at all levels. Every individual consultant has the freedom to make decisions concerning their own work situation in terms of the number of hours they work, their physical location, the tools they need, for example.
  • Co-ownership. Globeteam offers the individual consultant the option of co-ownership through an attractive shares scheme.
  • Minimal administration costs. This means, among other things, that there is no room for exceptions or special agreements under Globeteam’s management.

The model shows some of the professional and personal gains that you, as a consultant, achieve by working with Globeteam.


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A challenging work-place where freedom and development are key Words

At Globeteam we believe that the individual’s freedom is key for his or her commitment and development. We expect a lot from you in terms of your professional and commercial skills, not to mention your commitment to the client and your ability to create lasting relationships. However, as an independent consultant, you also have a great say in your work situation, albeit with a responsibility to the assignment and the client.

At Globeteam, our focus is on:

We do not tie each other down with “golden cuff” incentives, but work with respect for the client and the assignment. You create motivation through the freedom to work with what each individual does best and is passionate about.

  • That you, as a consultant, have the freedom to say no to assignments, but you are committed to the assignments you take on
  • That you, as a consultant, have the freedom to work less for periods of time, but any agreed assignments must be maintained

Professional development and knowledge sharing
We strive to deliver the best services within our field and this requires us to continuously develop our professional skills. We acknowledge and challenge each other’s skills to create the best quality in our solutions and services.

We can manage the complex and the unexpected, and we are open to all human and professional differences that benefit Globeteam and our clients. We have space for the individual as well as the community.

Well-being and development
We continuously offer social and professional activities for the company’s consultants and employees. It is important to us that you are happy as a consultant with Globeteam and that you feel part of a community with high morale. We also strive to create a culture with a good work-life balance.

Do you want to work as a consultant with Globeteam?

Globeteam is a growing company and, as such, we are always on the look-out for highly-qualified consultants with profound specialised knowledge and skills within our areas of business.

As a consultant at Globeteam, you must have a professional attitude and, due to our business model, also be ready to participate in, and independently run, sales meetings whilst working with the client to create a framework for projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities at Globeteam, please send an application and your CV to: 
info@globeteam.com or contact Globeteam on: +45 7026 2970

New consultants are hired by individual teams, so as to ensure that the team maintains its high skill level. Your application and CV will be forwarded to the appropriate team leader.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Globeteam

Phone: +45 7026 2970
E-mail: blivkonsulent@globeteam.com

97% of Globeteam’s clients would recommend them, and this proves that the company has succeeded with a business model that is different from everything else in the market. It combines the best consultants with a flexible model of delivery, where you are expected to have the drive to go the extra mile. This is our basic approach to the client, and it makes Globeteam an exciting place to work.”
Peter Langvad, Sales

It is a pleasure to have access to so many competent consultants with such profound technical insight. This is crucial when you work at business level, like I do, and you are dependent on good technical solutions. We have great opportunities to deliver real business value to clients, because we are a part of the entire process from strategy, needs analysis, implementation of the technical solution, not to mention the organisational implementation.” 
Per Andreasen, Business Consulting

Globeteam has made it easy and fun to be self-employed, I do not have to deal with mundane administrative tasks and I am very challenged professionally, working in close cooperation with competent colleagues.”
Jesper Vraa Nielsen, Business Consulting

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